What is crowdmaking.org?

a new and revolutionary non-profit project

A decentralyzed plattform based in blockchain technology so that a big humanitarian project can be splitted into manegeable smaller tasks that can be accomplished by volunteers connected around the globe. People helping people. People getting connected to make Social good. Without intermediates. Without middleman organizations.

Designing a prototype part in 3D... making some calculations... 3D printing some mock-ups, calculating some costs... All of us can collaborate at some point of the project. In crowdmaking.org we help you and others to execute good ideas for the mankind.


How can you volunteer?

Be a volunteer expert in your domain of knowledge to make some of the tasks. Be ambassador to spread our word and get fundings for our tasks or to get in contact with Universities and align final career projects with the tasks our projects will need. Be a web-developper to build our website. A blockchain programmer to create the smartcontracts we'll need... Tasks will last typically 4 weeks with a team of 3 - 4 volunteers. The idea is making Social good and having fun!


Why using blockchain in crowdmaking.org?

1. Is a trusted distributed ledger system that connects unknown task-givers with unknown task-makers.
2. Funders track where each cent is spent. Fundraising through ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
3. Tokenization, facilitates value transfer, between stakeholders, payment implemented through smart-contracts, once conditions are fulfilled and verified
4. Funds are traceable (tax relief), immutable, harder to tamper.
5. Open system, with distributed applications (dApps) many services can be top-added (e.g. logistics, 3D-printing, …)
The blockchain called WemaketheChain, will release a cryptocurrency that serves as funding and payment tool.


Meet the team

Distributed Leadership, crowdmaking, Holacracy ... is the future of organizations

Alfredo Perez Pellicer "aperpel"

Co-Founder. Making new ideas happen.


Elena Villa

Talent & Organization management. Creating value through innovation.

LinkedIn Elena

Ramón J. Giménez. "Prestigyo"

The Value of our values


Carlos Santaniello

Coding for a better world

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html5 programmer

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